Wild Carrot

daucus carota

Key Associations 

Folk names: Queen Anne's Lace, Bishop's Lace, Bird's Nest, Bee's Nest, 

Planet: Mars | Element: Fire | Gender: Masculine | Divinities:  | Tarot: 



Love Attraction



Spiritual insight


Psychic Dreams


Wild Carrot and Poison Hemlock are very similar in presentation. NEVER ingest the any part of a plant that you are not 100% sure about. Check out this super helpful guide from Raven Roots. In spellwork, we suggest using wild carrot as a burning agent.

Full Moon Pizza for Chakra Healing

Step 1: Find pizza. Order it. Make it. Summon it. Get pizza.


Step 2: Pick toppings that support your unbalanced or blocked chakras. 

Basil is good for your throat and third eye chakras. ROSEMARY is excellent for your CROWN, THIRD EYE, HEART, & SOLAR PLEXUS chakras.


Step 3: Eat pizza & meditate with the full moon on cleansing and balance!

Where Rosemary Flourishes, Women Rule.

This adage has no author but it truly resonates with us at the Witchlist. We recommend cultivating your own beautiful rosemary plant. If outdoor, plant near your entryways to ward off negative energies from entering. If inside, find the place that this plant is most needed. Rosemary is a versitile and easy to care for plant, wherever you put your plant - expect psychic and creative stimulation!

A Crown for a Queen

Rosemary was used as a cologne by Napoleon and Charlemagne insisted on its presence in his royal gardens. Today, rosemary will help you to feel like a queen and enhance your spellwork at the same time.


What you'll need:

- FRESH Sprigs of your favorite magical herbs

- Twine

- Patience


Once you have all of your tools ready, assemble yourself a crown. Cut yourself a piece of twine that measures the circumference of your head. I recommend massaging the herbs' stems gently so that they will bend easily toward the arc (follow it's natural curve for ease). Weave your herbs together around the twine (do not try to make it round yet or you will cry). Once you have a long wand of your herbs, you can create your crown or wreath. Tie the twine as tightly as you can at the ends. Now comes the patient part, put it on your head. The reason that fresh herbs are important to making this tool is because dried herbs will pretty much always flake apart. 

Use your new diadem for enhancing your spellwork and powers. We recommend drying your crown afterwards between two sheets of wax paper. Then you'll have a beautiful wreath to use for other spellwork as well!

Ancient Pagan Practices

Rosemary is native to the drier parts of the Meditteranean. To walk among the ancestors of this region, we look to pagan rites in Greece, Italy (Rome), and Egypt. Greeks wore a wreath on their heads to help stimulate the memory for exams. The ancient Egyptians placed over graves. It was used by ancient Italians as a part of marriage rituals. It is placed in the wine of the bride and groom to remind them of their vows to one another.

The Witches Who Were Burned

While The Witchlist puts a premium on the ancient practices of magic, we would be remiss to ignore what our foremothers burned for.

In the middle ages, one would tuck rosemary under one's pillow to keep nightmares at bay. Rosemary incense or essential oil should be burned to keep evil spirits away from your home. There were even some that use it to ward off the plague, though we suggest social distancing and masks (and any other WHO/NIH guidelines).

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