artemisia vulgaris

Key Associations 

Folk names: Artemis Plant, Felon's Fern

Planet: Moon (sometimes Venus) | Element: Earth | Gender: Feminine | Divinities: Artemis (Greek), Diana (Roman), The Morrigan (Celtic) , St. John the Baptist (Catholic), Crone (Wiccan)




Psychic Abilities

Feminine Strength


Women's Health



Astral Projection







As with any herb, plant, ingredient, it is critical that you have all the facts before you engage in any craft with it.


Mugwort contains the psychoactive ingredient thujone which can be absorbed even transdermally. Not suitable for use by pregnant or nursing bodies. Extended and heavy use can cause liver and kidney damage. Seasonal allergies may be aggitated by fresh mugwort.

Moxa, Chinese Medicine

Mugwort is called 'Moxa' in Chinese medicine. The herb is dried and set alight. Allow the gentle heat to linger above the skin for increased blood and lymph flow which help to reduce pain and swelling.

Mugwort Crown

A Wreath or Crown is often associated with helping our third-eye and crown chakras open up and receive what the divine has to offer. Either placing the wreath over your altar, threshold, bed OR wore atop your beautiful noggin - it will stand to enhance psychic abilities and protect against evil spirits and psychic fatigue.

Prophetic Dream Oil

1 Part Mugwort

1 Part Lavender

1 Part Rosemary

Olive Oil

Mugwort Annointing Oil

When creating your oil, it is fairly simple; the main difference is made in whether your herb is dried or fresh. In general, you should assume that dried herbs have a higher concentration of their properties because there is no residual moisture. Fill your vessel with fresh herb or half fill for dried. Add your preferred carrier oil - we love olive oil for mugwort because of it's connection to Greek and Roman Deities Artemis and Diana, respectively. Make sure that you remove air bubbles around the herb with a tooth pick or stem. Allow your oil to sit in a warm spot (if this isn't your altar, that's ok! we like doing ours in the kitchen) for 1-6 full moon cycles (depending on potency) before use. If storing for longer term, follow the above steps but after the warming period, place it in a cool, dry, dark spot for 3-6 months. 

Ancient Practices of Mystical Mugwort

Aztecs regarded it as sacred and burned it as incense.



Native Americans burned mugwort to purify the spiritual and physical.

Ancient Chinese & Japanese folx used it to ward off evil spirits.

Romans were known to place mugwort in their shoes to avoid tiring.

Divining with Doobies

For all our ent/weed witches out there, here's our moment! Mugwort contains a psychactive component called Thujone.


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