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Graphic Design

Let's start with the least mystical and work our way up for my less witchy readers. Design Commission (examples in the shop): 

  • Social Media

  • Decals

  • Holistically designed logos

  • Posters

  • Web graphics

  • Icons

  • Ask, and we'll see!

Ancestral Research

This one is where my college education gets used - yay, that debt is meaningful now. For these services you will need to provide your own geographical family tree: where did your people come from and when? The most helpful resource for me in this would be your genetic makeup, however family folklore, ancestry trees, or other means are often more than sufficient.  

Packages include these possible topics (combinations are available for purchase):

  • Deities: Often religion lies at the root of the power that our ancestors (and many of us) called upon - especially medicinally.

  • Plants: Native and introduced plants are crucial to the lives of our ancestors, often these are linked closely with the spiritual, as well.

  • Linguistics: Languages, both written and spoken, are telling in many ways but many met a need beyond communication with humans.

  • Religio-spiritual: The beliefs of our ancestors have a deep connection to how we can connect with them more freely. In connecting with our ancestors, we can feel a sense of the universe's magnitude more intimately.

Spiritual Journey Consulting

What a HILARIOUS thing to name. Here's the gist:

  • Introductions to your own magic - let me help you discover your own powers and help ease the transition from seeing the universe as a without and moving to recognizing it within. 

While there is a paid version of this, I do accept "moon babies" which are those who seek the knowledge from me wholly and we develop a mentorship bond. I will accept requests to become a moon baby, however without the fee I get to decide when things fit.


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