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Quick and dirty - Mixing Herbs with your own base.

Say you liked to smoke something else: tobacco, Cannabis, (mostly just Cannabis). The Bat & Raven carries what we call "Fairy Dusters" for each of our blends. These little vials are filled only with what to add to your base herb. So if you don't want a heaping helping of Mullein in your Pack-Your-Own Happy Mama | Flower Child, you can opt for a fairy duster. The duster is designed to be added to your base of choice. The typical ratio is 50-70% bud, 30-50% Fairy Duster. That means that when crafting your own blends at home, you should use a similar ratio.


Do you have recipes?

All ingredients are listed on the individual mixes that we sell at The Bat & Raven. Those are the current mixes that I have tested and enjoyed enough to sell. That said, I have plenty in the works, etc. If you have a favorite herb or something you want from it, reach out and we can talk about what plants might work best for you!

What sources do you have?

A more explicit booklist is on the way, however each plant has its citations attached on page. I will transfer them here when I'm able to answer more thoroughly. Typically I suggest wildcrafting and historical use books as smoking isn't as main stream a method for medicine or witchcraft at this point.

Where do you get your herbs?

I get my herbs at my local coop. I use USDA Organic herbs because you know there aren't any harmful chemicals that may burn wonky/explode-y. The tougher ones I order from other Etsy vendors! But you will be amazed at the variety of pretty much any health food store. I literally stop at them any time I can. Went to visit my mom this weekend and picked up marshmallow and licorice roots which I had not see outside an apothecary!

Which herbs can you smoke? Note: If an herb doesn't have a link it means my knowledge is less extensive and I cannot always give the full picture of possible interactions/reactions). I'm not a medical practitioner, I am a researcher who loves to smoke as part of my witchcraft. A little under a year ago I started posting on Reddit (r/EntWives) about the goddesses and magical/medicinical history of hemp as a way of reassuring myself and others that smoking pot is ok. We don't need to feel shame for it. It is not an indulgence of sinful measure by any means and the history of its use was my key to that. I give you the original witchlist, the list of herbs you can smoke and their properties (well, some of them at least):

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