Quercus spp.

Folk names: Tanner's Bark, Gospel Tree, Jove's Nuts

Warning: Ceremonial Uses Only

The Witchlist only recommends using Oak for burning, spell-crafting, or tools. Ingestion or skin applications can have major side effects.

"The Oak Moon is all about reflection on what it is that you want to keep in your life and those things that should be removed."

Amythyst Raine, Green Witchcraft Grimoire: A Practical Resource for Making Your Own Spells, Rituals, and Recipes, pg. 58

Acorns for Talisman magic

Peter Pan may have made this a particularly popular token of protection, but beyond just that - the acorn can act as a talisman for:

  • Fertility

  • Health

  • Prosperity

  • Protection

  • Sexual Attraction

Planet: Sun, Jupiter
Element: Earth, Fire
Gender: Masculine


  • Cybele (Roman)

  • Dagda (Irish)

  • Diana (Roman/Latin)

  • Erato (Roman - Muse)

  • Hecate (Greek)

  • Janus (Roman)

  • Jupiter (Roman)

  • Pan (Greek)

  • Rhea (Greek Titaness)

  • Thor (Norse)

  • Zeus (Greek)


  • Celtic Tree Zodiac: June 10-July 7

  • December Full Moon (The Oak moon)

Parts Used: Bark, Leaves, Flowers, Acorns (Nuts)


​Magical Uses

  • Divination

  • Divine Power

  • Druidry

  • Fairy Magic

  • Healing

  • Hex-breaking

  • Leadership

  • Longevity

  • Luck

  • Magic Strengthener

  • Manifestation

  • Money

  • Prosperity

  • Protection

  • Purification

  • Responsibility

  • Strength

  • Time

  • Victory

  • Wisdom

  • Youthfulness

[Oak] came to be revered and worshipped far back into prehistory. The Druids (traditionally) would not meet for rituals unless an oak was present... Religious idols were fashioned from oak wood, and Witches often danced beneath the tree.

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, 185.​