Jasminum officinale

Folk names: Queen of the Night, Moonlight on the Grove, Jessamin, Yasmin

Warning: Synthetics

The primary acting ingredient can be manufactured in a synthetic form. It takes hundred of tiny flower heads to create an essential oil of jasmine, as such the less expensive avenue is synthetic. That said, this can change how one reacts to the essence or even your magic depending on how you utelize them.

Planet: Neptune, Moon
Element: Water
Gender: Feminine

Astrological Sign: Pisces, Cancer


  • Vishnu (Hinduism)


  • Crown

  • Heart

  • Sacral


Parts Used: Flowers

Magic of the Night

The moon is not the only thing that comes alive in the night for a witch's pleasure. The scent and/or buds of many flowers, including jasmine release and bloom in the darkest hours of the night. Like a sweet cloud, jasmine can make any moonlit walk more fragrant, powerful, and magical. It is this aspect that led jasmine to historically be associated with the moon. However, in recent history witches have identified it more with Jupiter. Jasmine is said to correspond specifically with the waxing moon.

Other Night Loving Flowers:

  • Moonflower

  • Evening Primrose

​Magical Uses

  • Abundance

  • Attraction

  • Divination

  • Dream

  • Friendship

  • Inspiration

  • Love

  • Luck

  • Lunar Magic

  • Money

  • Purification

  • Relaxation

  • Sensuality

  • Sexual Healing

  • Spiritual Awakening, Healing, Love

  • Tranquility