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Planet: Mars | Element: Fire | Gender: | Divinities:  | Tarot: | Chakra: Solar Plexus, Root

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Heal & Be Healed

Eucalyptus is a tricky plant to work with. It is highly toxic in large quanitities and can be an irritant to many in its smaller doses. But when used in moderation, this is a highly effective healing tool. Hang eucalyptus above your bed when you are sick to bring healing energy. Add eucalyptus to any healing smoke to banish negativity, protect with a gentle shield, and restore positive energy.

Essential Oils in Your craft

Essential oils are a wonderful way to engage with potent plants that may not be in your backyard (if you're not Priestess Kay, that is). Always dilute your oils before applying them to skin, magic doesn't negate the more caustic effects of nature. 

Use eucalyptus oil to cleanse your tools and banish negativity (and house flies). Keep a spray bottle of your favorite carrier oil (olive oil, sweet almond, etc) and 5-10 drops of eucalyptus oil per cup. Spray the potion with your intention focused on the powers you wish to