cannabis (sativa, indica, ruderalas)

Folk names: Hemp, Devil's Lettuce, Gallows Grass, Pot, Dope, Skunk, Weed, Mary Jane, THC


Some variations do include the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Psychological dependence has been demonstrated in credible studies. Chemical/Physical dependence is NOT considered to cause medical problems. Long-term use can cause issues with "perception, sensory motor coordination, and short-term memory."

Egyptian History

Around... 5000 years ago (also), Cannabis was commonly used to help with "sore eyes."


Used hemp in 700 BCE as incense called... Qunnabu. Which is what I'm thinking of calling my partner when he packs me bowls.

Planet: Saturn

Element: Water

Gender: Feminine (likely because only the female flowers)

Divine Associations:

  • Freyja (Norse) 

  • Bast (Egyptian) 

  • St Hildegard of Bingen (Medieval Christian) 

  • Ganja (Hindu) 

  • Magu (Ancient Chinese) 

Origins of Use: China 

Incomplete Guide

While there is rich history listed here, we are in the process of building this guide. Watch out for how to engage with goddesses in your cannabis use!

Indian History

This holy herb can be found in vedic texts as early as 1400 BCE. Hemp was known as the Soother of Grief, Sky Flyer, and Poor Man's Heaven which seems to mean that they were down to get down.

c The plant itself is believed to have originated in the mountainous regions in northern Indian territory. Evidence suggests that it was the Chinese side of the mountains that was the first to harvest and utilize this versatile plant.

It has been unclear in my (Lilith's) research of the correlation of timelines with Egypt. However, Egyptologists still dispute if Hemp was illustrated in the hieroglyphics we've deciphered.


Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

The Magic

Emotional Clarity





Historical and Modern Medicinal Uses 






Apetite Stimulation

Chinese History

  • The first known name for Hemp is 麻 (Má). 

  • The first known Chinese pharmacopoeia known as Pen Ts'ao thought to be by Emperor Shen-Nung during his lifetime of 2732-2697 BCE... ok, a casual 5000 years ago (shout out to the Egyptians, too). 

Ancient Europe


Made remedies using this magical and medicinal herb to treat inflammation, earaches, and edema.



The first tribe to call hemp by the name of Kannabis. The Scythians are our first documented cases of the inhalation of the "intoxicating vapor" (Herodotus, 500 BCE) or as one might call it, the toke.


Discorides named the plant in 100 CE as cannabis sativa used for. This was under Emperor Nero, giving us some ideas on how Rome really started burning and why one might wish to play the fiddle over said fire. Just saying.


The Thracians are described as strange by their Greek chroniclers. They did not drink wine for their intoxicant but rather burned "seeds" and breathed in the smoke to become intoxicated. "Seeds" is an iffy word for the Witchlist because technically speaking, the remnants of proof in archeologically is typically pollen residue which persists for... Well, we'll see how long I guess. The point is, we can't say for sure that it wasn't just bag seed like crazy. (Stoner lingo for allowing the flowers to seed too far before harvesting and therefore creating a less desireable bud for THC purposes).