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A Witch's Way

The danger of a single narrative is among one of the primary criteria that runs A Witch's Way. That is the reason that we call this space A Witch's Way and not The Witch's Way. This is best explained by a religion scholar and dare I say friend, S. Brent Plate, in his book 'A History of Religion in 5 1/2 Objects'. He reflects on his own use of our shared indefinite article, "not the history of the world or the history of religion but a history. As if to say, 'Here's a way to look at it. Not the only way, but one we've found to be of interest, and we hope you will too (Plate, 14)." 

Below you will find the histories, theories, practices, and crafts of folx that have been engaged with magic. Contributors are welcome to send in submissions for this space. These contributions will be vetted by the two witches that have started to share their ways here: Lilith "Lilington" AF and Ellen "The Ellenlightenment" Eberst. We are here to share our own experiences with magic, and the practical research that all of us must do to understand ourselves and the universe on our own terms.

You should also know that Ellen and Lilith are close friends and gave one another their credited nicknames. Silliness is important to the Witchlist, if it not important to you than get to stepping.

Lilith "Lilington" AF

Lilith is a newly practicing witch as a result of a spiritual awakening that began sometime in 2019. She has a bachelor's degree from the University of Vermont in religion. Lilith worked for 7 years as one of the university's main advisors for student researchers. She is trained in Intercultural Communication, Science/Research Communicating, and Research Integrity/Ethics. It should be noted that the material for the rest of The Witchlist is from Lilith's research at this time.


Ellen "The Ellenlightenment" Eberst

Ellen started her early life among the faerie folk and never left. Raised by a witch, Ellen has experienced the preternatural for as long as she can remember. Ellen has a bachelor's of arts from the University of Vermont in Religion and a Master's of Arts from Denver University in International Relations. Her knowledge comes from both experience and research.