Amaranthus spp.

Folk names: Flower of Immortality, Princess Feather, Love-Lies-Bleeding

Medicinal Uses

(This information has been collected from Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine as well as The Herbal Academy of New England, and other scientific and popular science sources - it has NOT been confirmed by Licensed Herbalist)

  • Antioxidant

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Astringent

  • Cholesterol-Lowering

  • Nutrient

WARNING: Talk to your Doctor/Medical Professional before adding any Supplements, herbal teas, Infusions, etc. ​

Part of the reason that we list Medical Jargin is because many plants can interfere with or even counteract medications we already take or it can exacerbate ailments we already have. 

When talking to your Medical Professional, we suggest asking what "actions" an herb might do to interfere with your health, either positive of negative. For example, if you suffer from heartburn, a Cholagogue which creates more bile may not be advantagous. Too much of a good thing, eh?

Plant: Saturn 

Element: Fire

Gender: Feminine 


  • Artemis (Greek)

Chakra: Heart​

Religious Affiliations:

  • Order of Amaranth is a sector of WICCAN-ESQUE females adjacent to Freemasons.


  • Aztec: Huauhtli

Magical Uses

  • Healing

  • Protection

  • Invisibility

  • Immortality

  • Prosperity